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Quality Ball Mounts by Wysetow.

Industrial leading dual balls forging technique to ensure even contraction and expansion throughout hitch ball yield with no warp at the bottom of thread shank. Maximum rated ball mount forged with radius to reduce sharp rectangular corner in tongue and robotic weld to ensure every ball mount built with same high standard of quality.

Hitch Ball

Part #Ball DiameterShank DiameterShank LengthCapacityFinish
WT68182-5/16"1-1/4'2"12,000 LbsChrome
WT68292"1"3-3/16"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68302-5/16"1"3-3/16"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68491-7/8"3/4"1-3/4"3,500 LbsChrome
WT68501-7/8"1"2-1/8"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68522"3/4"1-3/4"3,500 LbsChrome
WT68552"1"2-1/8"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68562-5/16"1"2-1/2"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68571-7/8"3/4"2-1/2"3,500 LbsChrome

Hitch Ball (Metric)

Part #Ball DiameterShank DiameterShank LengthCapacityFinish
WT686050mm22mm60mm3,500 kgsChrome

Hitch Ball (Heavy Duty)

Part #Ball DiameterShank DiameterShank LengthCapacityFinish
WT68312-5/16"1-1/2"3"30,000 LbsPlated
WT68322-5/16"1-3/8"3-1/4"30,000 LbsPlated

Ball Mounts

Part #Drop DiameterShank Diameter LengthPinCapacityFinish
WT68272"1"9-1/5"5/8"7,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT68512"1"9-1/5"5/8"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68281-1/4"3/4"9"5/8"3,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT6828011-1/4"3/4"9"5/8"3,500 LbsChrome
WT68373"1"9-1/2"5/8"7,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT6837013"1"9-1/2"5/8"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68426"1"10-1/2"5/8"7,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT6842016"1"10-1/2"5/8"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68436"1"9-7/8"5/8"7,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT6843016"1"9-7/8"5/8"7,500 LbsChrome
WT68705"1"10-1/8"5/8"7,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT6870015"1"10-1/8"5/8"7,500 LbsChrome

Ball Mounts (Metric Size)

Part #Drop DiameterShank Diameter LengthPinCapacityFinish
WT684673mm19.5mm235.15mm13.5mm3,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT68460173mm19.5mm235.15mm13.5mm3,500 LbsChrome

Ball Mounts (Pin & Clip)

Part #Hitch Ball  Ball Mounts   Capacity
Ball DiameterShank DiameterShank LengthDrop DiameterShank Diameter LengthPin
WT68591-7/8"1"2-1/8"73mm19.5mm235.15mm13.5mm7,500 Lbs
WT68612"1"2-1/8"73mm19.5mm235.15mm13.5mm7,500 Lbs

Adjustable Ball Mounts

Part #A1-DropA2-DropA3-DropShank Diameter LengthPinCapacityFinish
WT60014"5"6"1"13-1/4"5/8"7,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat
WT60024"5"6"1"13-1/4"5/8"7,500 LbsBlack Powder Coat

Tri Ball Mounts

Part #Hitch BallsBCDCapacityFinish
WT69481-7/8"2"2-5/16"9-1/2"8"5/8"3,500 / 7,500 / 12,000 lbsBlack Powder Coat

Ball Mounts with Hook

Part #Hitch BallsBCDCapacityFinish
WT69491-7/8"2"2-5/16"9-1/2"8"5/8"3,500 / 7,500 / 12,000 lbsBlack Powder Coat

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